16 December 2010

Beets, Bears, Batlestar Galactica

This is my Totally Awesome portrait of one Mr. Dwight Schrute.
It has been seriously so fun.  I never thought that I would say this, but I think I would be interested in having one in my house :)

Thanks Marlo for this awesome request!!

15 December 2010

What are you working on Lately?

Well, I'm not one to spoil surprises, but I'm working on what may be the funnest painting yet.
I'm not going to reveal what it is yet, but I will give you some pics of my background.
 Beautiful isn't it.
Anything could go in front, but only one thing will.

08 December 2010

Market this Weekend!

Just to let ya'll know, I'll be showing again this weekend at Mindy Mae's Market.
This week we will be showing in Pleasant View
You can check out all my stuff in person so please come and see what I have that's new!
All this and More!

02 December 2010

Abstract Mini's

So I've been having a lot of fun lately working on my newest projects.  
They are small one inch square abstract watercolor paintings that I have set in a silver square necklace pendant.  They are all covered in resin to give it a really nice shine, and to also help preserve the painting itself by making it water resistant.
They all come on an 18 inch matching silver chain, and in a small gift box (that fits perfectly in a stocking!).
Here are a few pics to give a sneak peak.

23 November 2010

I don't know if there'll be snow

When my little sister, Mattie, was about 6 years old 
she had to learn the lyrics to Holly Jolly Christmas.
She walked around singing the first 2 lines 
and over
and over
and over...
Ever since then that song has been indelibly burned into my memory, and, unconsciously, I sometimes hum it during the holidays. 
It's no wonder then that these little beauties came out when I started out wanting to paint something for the season.

My little Cup of Cheer is a little bigger than a 2 inch square

The Holiday Tea Pot is also a little over a 2 inch circle.

Both, along with my other holiday works will be available at the next Mindy Mae's Market on December 10th and 11th in Pleasant View, Utah

20 November 2010

Christmas is Coming!

Christmas is Coming, 
and to help let you get the most out of your holiday shopping, 

I've lowered my prices!

Check out all my works
Now Available in more sizes!

Merry Christmas! and May Your days be Merry and Bright.

17 November 2010

Oil Prints

I finally got my paintings back from the printers!  Here are some of my larger works.

Here are my 6 Gossips
They are done in Oil on a 15 X 30 Canvas.
I can easily imagine them all singing and chirping to one another, completely oblivious to the little brown outcast with his feathers muffed.  Isn't it a little to close to reality?

 These are my Flowers 
the Original is a 14 X 22 Watercolor but prints are available in any size needed
With flowing lines and Bright colors guests can't help but comment on how beautiful it is.

My Frog is done on a 12 X 24 Canvas
Hidden in the long grass this big Bull Frog looks for lunch.

10 November 2010

What are You Doing Next Week End?

Well, Final plans have been set for this months Mindy Mae's Market Where I will be showing all my art November 19th and 20th.  There are so many things that they are giving away including one of my little birds, 
Also, if you can't make it out to the market(click for directions), please check out my new pages where you can now purchase any of my paintings that I have posted thus far.  
I'll also be posting some of my bigger more complicated paintings as soon as I get them back from the printers.
Life has been crazy busy trying to set up shop,  I have so many paintings that I haven't even put up yet!!  
So stay tuned for more of my oil colors.

03 November 2010

Bird Brain

Here is the last of my Petite Bird Collection.
"B.B." 5X7 Watercolor print $25
B.B. is my 4th of my vintage style birds.  He is another blue bird, but with far more attitude.  With Darker, Bolder colors he is one tough little cookie.

"Fall Robin" 8X10 Watercolor print $35
With autumn colors this watercolor is different from my others.  A soft grey blue background help give it the feeling of winter chill in the air.  Fall Robin is the last of my watercolor bird paintings.  having enjoyed painting all my petite birds I'm ready to move on to something else.  Insects perhaps...

"Mani" 5X7 Watercolor print $25
My Children's Collection needed a piece just for a little boy's bedroom.  My praying mantis is just the thing to pique a little boy's interest in bugs and insects.

01 November 2010

3 Little Birds

Here are my sweet little birds. They are all 5X7 Watercolor $25.00 each or all three for $69.00

 "Lil' Blue" 5X7 Watercolor
Lil' Blue is my first painting in my bird collection.  This little Vintage style bird is an eastern blue bird.  Delicately colored on his wings and chest, this petite bird comes across as soft and delicate.

"Red"  5X7 Watercolor
Red is a small red robin, and another of my vintage style petite birds.  Standing to get a closer look at you he shows us his bright chest feathers and curious personality.
"Chickadee" 5X7 Watercolor
This Black Capped Chickadee is actually a local for my home town of Ogden, Utah.  We find them in our trees all winter long looking for the bird seed we leave out for them.  As a local artist I'm happy to have such good neighbors to paint. 

31 October 2010

First Batch

So I've been painting like crazy and sent off some of my water colors to get scanned.  Here are a few of my first paintings that will be for sale at Mindy Mae's Market November 19th-20th

"Red Cruiser" 8X10 acrylic  $35.00
Inspired by my own Schwinn beach cruiser, I painted this simple modern style piece.

"Missy" 8X10 oil painting $35.00
 Missy is one of my favorite pieces in my Children's Art collection.  She is fun and bright and done with very bold colors.  Also perfect for a little girl's bedroom.
"Butterfly 1" 5X7 Watercolor $25.00
This piece is a part of my Children's Art collection.  Perfect for a girl's bedroom the colors are darker than the typical pink which will make it stand out in a room full of soft colors.

"Garden sneaks" 6X6 Watercolor $25.00
I would consider this to be a pop culture minimalist style.  I used a combination of watercolor and permanent marker for this painting.

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