31 October 2010

First Batch

So I've been painting like crazy and sent off some of my water colors to get scanned.  Here are a few of my first paintings that will be for sale at Mindy Mae's Market November 19th-20th

"Red Cruiser" 8X10 acrylic  $35.00
Inspired by my own Schwinn beach cruiser, I painted this simple modern style piece.

"Missy" 8X10 oil painting $35.00
 Missy is one of my favorite pieces in my Children's Art collection.  She is fun and bright and done with very bold colors.  Also perfect for a little girl's bedroom.
"Butterfly 1" 5X7 Watercolor $25.00
This piece is a part of my Children's Art collection.  Perfect for a girl's bedroom the colors are darker than the typical pink which will make it stand out in a room full of soft colors.

"Garden sneaks" 6X6 Watercolor $25.00
I would consider this to be a pop culture minimalist style.  I used a combination of watercolor and permanent marker for this painting.

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