01 November 2010

3 Little Birds

Here are my sweet little birds. They are all 5X7 Watercolor $25.00 each or all three for $69.00

 "Lil' Blue" 5X7 Watercolor
Lil' Blue is my first painting in my bird collection.  This little Vintage style bird is an eastern blue bird.  Delicately colored on his wings and chest, this petite bird comes across as soft and delicate.

"Red"  5X7 Watercolor
Red is a small red robin, and another of my vintage style petite birds.  Standing to get a closer look at you he shows us his bright chest feathers and curious personality.
"Chickadee" 5X7 Watercolor
This Black Capped Chickadee is actually a local for my home town of Ogden, Utah.  We find them in our trees all winter long looking for the bird seed we leave out for them.  As a local artist I'm happy to have such good neighbors to paint. 


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