03 November 2010

Bird Brain

Here is the last of my Petite Bird Collection.
"B.B." 5X7 Watercolor print $25
B.B. is my 4th of my vintage style birds.  He is another blue bird, but with far more attitude.  With Darker, Bolder colors he is one tough little cookie.

"Fall Robin" 8X10 Watercolor print $35
With autumn colors this watercolor is different from my others.  A soft grey blue background help give it the feeling of winter chill in the air.  Fall Robin is the last of my watercolor bird paintings.  having enjoyed painting all my petite birds I'm ready to move on to something else.  Insects perhaps...

"Mani" 5X7 Watercolor print $25
My Children's Collection needed a piece just for a little boy's bedroom.  My praying mantis is just the thing to pique a little boy's interest in bugs and insects.

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